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Culture incubation and video microscopy for democratized discovery and intelligence

Personal & portable culture incubators

Disruptive culture incubators that will revolutionize how cultures are sustained

Live culture video microscopy

Integrated culture incubation and video microscopy creating dynamic discovery 

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Cloud monitoring, advanced computing and unprecedented intelligence sharing 

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"This solves a long problem creating hypoxic conditions. Can I buy this NOW?!"

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"You mean we can incubate neurons, watch them in video and simultaneously perform electrical recordings, this is BIG!"

VP Research Innovation Partnership at regional university

"With how portable and affordable this is, I am excited to inspire the next-generation of biologists in my STEM outreach"

Department head, Biology

"Being compact and battery-powered, I love how this feels like a small football as I can carry live cultures around campus"

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Portable culture incubator & imaging modules


Plug-n-Play Gas cartridges, reagents and supplies


Cloud SaaS and on-board AI/ML computing offerings

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