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Kit contents

Kit contents

The CultureTray-100-01 kit comprises of a single integrated tray as shown below.



Note - All steps below should be conducted with proper gloves and ideally inside a biosafety hood for additional sterility. Information shown below is only for demonstration. 

Follow directions provided for the HydraPack


Compatible systems

The CultureTray-100-01 is compatible with the following systems:

CultureON 100

Compatible culture dishes

The CultureTray-100-01 is designed to fit a single 100mm culture dish. The frame prevents excessive lateral shifting of the dish during transport.

For custom tray designs contact 37degrees, Inc. via the contact page.

Regular cleaning

Cleaning regularly with a sterile alcohol wipe, such as provided in the HydraPack, ensures sterility of the CultureTray.


CultureTray does not fit in incubator

Confirm CultureTray version is compatible with the system in use (see Usage information above)

Contact 37degrees, Inc. via contact page if issue persists

Culture dish does not fit in Tray 

Contact 37degrees, Inc. via contact page if issue persists