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Kit contents

Kit contents

The GasPack-16G-C06 kit comprises of six (6) mini-CO2 cartridges:


Load gas cartridge into system

Turn the system to access the cartridge port at the back and prepare to use a single mini CO2-cartridge

Familiarize yourself with the cartridge and port thread engagements required


Center the cartridge into the port and start twisting slowing to ensure smooth thread engagement

Keep twisting till there is some resistance just before the seal is punctured. When the seal is punctured, quickly keep twisting till the cartridge is snugly in place and finger tight. 

Note - Do not overtighten with any tools (such as wrenches etc.) or with excessive force 

Let go of cartridge, which should remain in place snugly and with no gas leaking noise. 




Compatibility with systems

The GasPack-16G-C06 cartridges are compatible with the following system:

CultureON 100

Frequency of kit usage

When the incubator system is not in use, it is best to leave the cartridge in place. DO NOT remove a cartridge that is full, without proper precaution or if the system provides a mechanical or software modality to do so. 

When the incubator system is in regular use, replace the cartridge whenever the system notifies of low gas concentration (display or sound beep) 

Discard used components

All cartridges are made of recyclable steel


Cartridge does not fit in the cartridge port

Confirm that the cartridge being used is compatible with the system in use (See Usage information above)

Contact 37degrees, Inc. via contact page if issue persists

Gas levels do not increase on installation

Confirm that the cartridge is fully inserted into the port by slowing twisting some more to confirm seal breakage and gas flow from cartridge into the system.

Confirm that the incubator is properly closed and there are no obstructions  

Confirm that the system settings for gas set-point is correct and have not been modified.

Contact 37degrees, Inc. via contact page if issue persists