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Kit contents

Kit contents

The Hotspot-100 kit comprises of the following components:

A - 6ft long USB-C cable

B - 1ft long USB-C cable (optional usage)

C - HotSpot device

D - Power adapter USB-C

E - Screws (4 needed, 2 spare) and Allen wrench

F - HotSpot Bracket 


Installation of Hotspot Bracket

Orient the back of the bottom module of the Cultureon incubator and identify the four (4) threaded holes

Use the Allen-wrench provided and install the HotSpot bracket.  Screw in snugly, but do not overtighten. 

Slide the HotSpot module into the bracket with the orientation shown 

Power on the Hotspot Bracket

Press and hold the power button for >4 secs till the power indicator shows ON.

Note - If the Hotspot is discharged on arrival, it may need to be charged as guided below

The HotSpot module will automatically initiate and blink. Wait till the wireless indicator is SOLID on. 

Note - If the Hotspot is discharged on arrival, it may need to be charged as guided below

Connect the power adapter and the long (6ft) USB-C cable

Attach the 6ft USB-C cable and power adapter. Charge the HotSpot device if needed.

Optional - Use the 1ft USB-C cable for a shorter cord length. IF your incubator has a separate USB port marked for 5V supply, power can be supplied to the HotSpot device directly by the incubator without the external power adapter. 

Load the top module on the bottom module

Install the top module on top of the bottom module

Confirm that the HotSpot button can still be easily accessed. 


Turning ON / OFF the HotSpot device

To POWER ON or OFF the HotSPot device, press and hold the power button (as shown in the installation steps).

For power ON, wait till the wireless icon is solid ON (not blinking any more). 

For power OFF, wait till all indicators are OFF. 

Checking battery and network status 

Press the power button momentarily. The HotSpot indicators will cycle to show status of network strength and available battery 

On-bench daily usage

When the incubator is on the bench and in use, it is best to keep the external power adapter connected to the HotSpot device

Mobile usage

On a full charge the HotSpot device will have enough power for >4 hrs.

When transporting the incubator the external power adapter and USB cable can be safely removed without disruption to data connectivity.

Best practice is to plug in external adapter when the incubator has arrived at the final destination

Optional - IF the incubator has a 5V USB supply port, the shorter 1ft cable can be used to continually power the HotSpot device


HotSpot device not powering ON

Plug in external adapter and let device charge

Contact 37degrees, Inc. via contact page if issue persists

HotSpot device powered, but no incubator data on cloud 

Ensure HotSpot device is charged and network established (see Usage - Checking Network and Power Status)

Contact 37degrees, Inc. via contact page if issue persists