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Kit contents

Kit contents

The HydraPack-06-06 kit comprises of the following components:

A - Sterile alcohol wipes (6 packets)

B - Sterile water (6 bottles)

C - Humidity wicks (6 packs with 6 wicks / pack)


Note - All steps below should be conducted with proper gloves and ideally inside a biosafety hood for additional sterility. Information shown below is only for demonstration. 

Clean CultureTray

Obtain a CultureTray desired to be loaded (not provided with kit) and a single sterile alcohol wipe

Tear open the sterile wipe packet

Clean the top of the CultureTray

Clean the bottom of the CultureTray

Wet the humidity wicks 

Obtain a single wick pack and single water bottle and place next to the cleaned CultureTray

Open the seal of the humidity wick packet. 

Note - Do not remove any wicks from the packet yet

Twist and break the sterile water bottle at the neck

Squeeze all the water into the wick pack

Gently press the wick packet to wet all the wicks in the packet for >30 seconds

Load the wetted humidity wicks into the Culture Tray

Insert the wetted wicks into the slots provided at the bottom of the CultureTray

Ensure the CultureTray is fully loaded and all wicks remain in place

Load the CultureTray into the incubator

Place a culture dish into the frame provided on the top of the CultureTray

Note - An empty culture dish is shown only for demonstration. In actual practise, use a media filled culture dish of choice.

Using the small handles provided on the top of the CultureTray, gently place it into the incubator

Gently but firmly close the incubator


Frequency of kit usage

When the incubator system is not in use (Powered OFF or stored away) for prolonged periods of time (>1 week), it is best to remove and discard the loaded wicks.

When the incubator system is in regular use, monitor the stabilized humidity levels and replace when the humidity levels fall below 10% of a freshly loaded humidity kit. For instance, if a new kit stabilizes at 80% humidity levels, replace the wicks when the humidity levels stabilize at only 72%.    

Discard used components

All used parts and packages can be safely discarded in regular lab waste bins. Do not reuse a previously opened packet or bottle to maintain sterility.


Humidity levels not increasing

Check that all six wicks were properly wetted and remain installed in the CultureTray prior to load into the incubator

Replace the kit and monitor the humidity levels in a closed incubator over a few hours (without cultures)  

Contact 37degrees, Inc. via contact page if issue persists

Humidity levels below desired levels 

Follow the steps above. Use the real-time cloud software to track usual humidity stability levels and note anomalous behavior over time. 

While not recommended, it is possible to add additional un-restricted humidity wicks around the culture dish if space permits.

Contact 37degrees, Inc. via contact page if issue persists